Pumpkin Peel

Everyone knows that fruits and vegetables are good for your skin! Did you know that the

Pumpkins have the highest concentration of vitamin A of any vegetable?

Give this miracle peel a try at Flawless Med Spa

What is the Pumpkin Peel?

For starters, why a pumpkin? Pumpkin’s actually have the highest vitamin A content which easily makes it to the top list of skin care treatments. Vitamin A is a highly active antioxidant that targets the part of the skin cell that’s responsible for starting cell turnover. Essentially, vitamin A helps boost all the layers of the skin making way for the newer rotation of skin cells to emerge.

This treatment is formulated to provide deep exfoliation to the facial area, allowing acids to effortlessly penetrate clogged skin pores by successfully eliminating surface bacterias and oils.

Why choose a Pumpkin Peel?

So what exactly is a Pumpkin Peel and why choose it? A Pumpkin Peel utilizes the pumpkin’s natural features such as the pulp, extracts, and various essential minerals contained in the overall pumpkin. Proteolytic enzyme is commonly found in the pumpkin pulp which helps break down the bonds between dead skin cells. What that means is that the pumpkin pulp help remove dead outer skin cells without damaging the rest of them. Aside from vitamin A, pumpkins are also known to have a high vitamin C content as well which is another antioxidant which helps to ward off free radicals.

Many of you understand the importance of exfoliation and how crucial it is to a healthy skin care regime. Another interesting characteristic feature about pumpkin peels is that it’s an excellent enzyme exfoliant.

Now the interesting part, we now know that pumpkins contain incredible beneficial properties for our skin but did you know that it can also be amplified? In combination with glycolic acid, lactic acid, salicylic acid, and pumpkin pulp, the pumpkin peel is born to combat aging and acne. Here are a list of what you can expect from this treatment:

  • Increased Cell Turnover
  • Increased Epidermal and Dermal Hydration
  • Reduced likelihood of acne breakouts
  • Assisted in release of Blackheads
  • Smoother and Tighter Skin
  • Stimulated production of Collagen and Elastin
  • Decreased Fine lines and Wrinkles
  • Lightened Pigmentation
  • Anti-inflammatory and Antioxidant Benefits

What are the Benefits of a Pumpkin Peel?

By now you’ve probably been wondering what other amazing benefits can a pumpkin peel offer. A pumpkin peel can actually help fight off signs of aging. When applied to the skin, the alpha hydroxy acids and beta hydroxy acids from the pumpkin will immediately start exfoliating dead skin cells. Alpha hydroxy acid are acids that remove dead skin by dissolving other harmful acids that hold the cells together. Beta hydroxy acids are acids that help exfoliate the surface of the skin which allows the alpha hydroxy acid to penetrate into the deep clogged pores. While simultaneously promoting the cell renewal process of boosting newer skin cells to the surface. As a result, the skin will become more smoother and youthful.

Additional benefits from a pumpkin peel is how powerful of an acne treatment it is. So if you’ve been struggling with acne, a pumpkin peel is a great method to help eliminate acne and stimulate skin circulation to promote faster healing without the need of chemicals. The key ingredient in a pumpkin peel are formulated to penetrate deep into your pores to remove any dead skin cells trapped underneath the skin. Once the dead trapped skin cells are eliminated, you skin will be able to breathe life to new skin cells prompting for a brighter facial complexion.

How to maintain our Face after the Pumpkin Peel?

One of the most common questions asked by patients is the post-treatment care. Like most chemical peels, proper care and maintenance is important for the preservation of the treated skin. For starters, it is highly important to properly moisturize your face after a chemical peel. Additionally, if possible to avoid direct sun exposure as much as possible as the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays will damage your newly emerged skin. In the event that you’re unable to avoid direct sun exposure, we highly recommend to apply a sunscreen of at least 35 SPF.

Harness the Power of the Pumpkin